Help? Was this a miscarriage ?

My period was 4/5 days late I’ve had cramps for the last 3-4 of those days, it felt like my period was coming any moment. I also felt nauseous and also had white discharge for all of those days. Never really got white discharge around my period time. More so a week after my cycle.

Today I went to the bathroom bc I didn’t feel good at all Mainly nausea when I went to the bathroom and saw that my underwear were wet. I couldn’t see the color so it must have been light in color.

I went back to the bathroom 30 minutes later and when I wiped and I saw some type of tissue it looked like. It didn’t dissolve like a blood clot / it didn’t feel slimy like a blood clot. It felt soft but firm. It wasn’t easy to make it loose it’s shape. It kind of looked like it had a tail at the end but I’m not so sure. What could this have been? A miscarriage ? Or just tissue from my lining? I am currently on my period but it was about 5 days lat

e before seeing the “

tissue” that I wiped