Come on baby Wylie!

Samantha 🎣 • Mom of one bonus daughter👧 and 5 little boys 👶💙! 1 ceserian due to breech🔪. 4 VBACs💪 Married to my best friend.


No baby today.... doctor just came in and turned off my meds and they are sending me home. Him and the other doctor (that i set up my induction with last week) were not on the same page and he wasnt on board with the induction and didnt agree with it. Since he is the doctor today.... he calls the shots. He allowed me to continue a low dose of pitocin (not allowing the dose to go up periodically, like it should...) for 8 hours and because I havent dilated anymore they are discharging me. Now we wait for me to go into labor at home.. 😒 I'm passed my due date so hopeffully soon.

Starting pitocin at 5am!! I can't wait to hold my little man!!