Friend Promblem

Jackie 🧜‍♀️💕

So I have this friend. We’ll call her “Emma”. Emma feels like she is fat even though she is only 80 pounds. She is constantly telling us ( me and my friends) about how she thinks she is fat, and never misses a chance to mention it. At first I was concerned, as she is very skinny. I thought she might have anorexia or some other kind of problem. I confronted her about it asking why she thinks she’s fat and expressing my concern. Emma got mad at me for confronting her and we got in a fight. She gets mad when someone says she’s not fat, and when anyone else says that they are fat she always says that she is the fat one. One day she even messaged us something along the lines of “My mom is making me eat a whole pineapple. Ugh I’m so mad”, and “All I ate today was an avocado. It seems to be working as I’m losing weight.” I’m starting to think she’s just doing this for attention. I know that sounds bad but she’s always telling us about her weight and turning the conversation on herself. I do think she has a medical problem but last time I brought it up with her, like I said, we got in a fight. Any suggestions?