Big baby

I’m a bigger girl and I knew been a bigger girl in pregnancy would cause some issues, so I have to have regular growth scans and the other day they told me my baby’s already weighing 3 and a half lbs, but I don’t understand how I’ve lost almost 2 stone in this pregnancy myself I don’t eat a crap ton if at all most days because it makes me feel so sick and I try to keep it as healthy as possible, I also passed my diabetic test with flying colours they said they have no idea why she’s measuring so big and it’s starting to stress me out, my first was born 7 lbs 7oz and I have to say I defo didn’t watch what I was eating then because I started off a lot skinnier and also a lot more physically fit I had to have an emergency c section with him as he almost died so I know they probably already want me to have one this time as well but the thought of having a big baby and everyone assuming it’s because of something I’ve done is a killer, my partners family have already shamed me the whole way through saying I’ll have a big baby and that it’ll give the baby health complications and that if the baby didn’t survive theyd never forgive, even though I know that’s not how it works for health complications and she wouldn’t not survive just for been bigger because tbf they have no idea how it works sometimes I feel like they’re as thick as they sound, it’s still making me upset. Sorry for this long winded makes no sense post I’m just in a really stressed out mood from it this Morning.