Pre seed and wishing luck ❤

Brooke 🎀

i got my pre seed in the post today!! and then i have my fertility bracelt coming on Wednesday.

i have been taking my vitamins and this cycle i am not going to obsess over every little symptom ( of what we think are sympthoms 😂 )

i am going to be positive and just go to work and relax and be calm about it all so this cycle i dont give myself a chemical pregnancy or thinking my body is pregnant.

As hard as this is going to be.. i can do this AND so can ALL of you!! i wish you all baby dust and luck this month. If it isnt your month i wish you luck next month.

i have also quit smoking! its been very hard on me but i have gone cold turkey for 4 days now and i am going to stick to it.. i want to convince this month and i want to do all the right things so when i do get pregnant i am already half way to healthy.

I thought i would share my positivity and wish everyone luck

Happy to talk if anyone needs someone to listen cause i know how depressing and how much of a downer it can be when that test saids negitive.