Baby #2!!!!!

Diamond • • Mother of 2 💙💗 •

So. I’M PREGNANT!! I woke up yesterday morning (the day I was suppose to start AF) went to the bathroom and noticed I wasn’t bleeding. I’m NEVER late. Always early or on time. So I just knew. But then I started cramping really bad, I don’t remember cramping that bad with my son. So I was like hmm maybe I’ll start. But after breakfast I still didn’t. So my husband and I went to the store and got some tests. We got home and about an hour later I took the test. Not even 2 seconds and it showed! I am happy and scared at the same time! So I text my husband to come in the bathroom immediately, he busts in the door holding our 1yr old and was like WHAT WHATS GOING ON (😂) I pointed to the test and he was like Oh My GOD! So I’m 4+1 today!! Praying for a girl!!