Ok so a little over 3 weeks and my partner were rubbing like it didn’t get in any contact with my vagina what so ever I made sure of that !!!!!!!!! just my butt and it was never wet it was dry , he even says that I didn’t trigger him , which I couldn’t have because we didnt do anything I’m not ready to loose my virginity yet , but anyway I didn’t get my period and I took a pregnancy test which was a clear negative to try and ease my mind but it didn’t I’m still stressed about it I’ve been stressing and waiting for my period and it didn’t arrive so confused but its my second year with my period and it’s not regular it skipped June and I keep sucking in my stomach and squishing it trying to see if somethings in there i suck My stomach in so much I see my rib print 🤦🏽‍♀️

I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks and a couple days after If happened it was a clear negative and the line didn’t change at all it stayed negative🙏🏽