Help please

Hi. I’m 16 years old so I don’t really know much about this. I’m really not looking for judgement I just want some input. My boyfriend and I were having sex and I felt the condom rip. When I felt this I pushed him off and so his penis was in me for about 2 seconds at most after the condom broke. My <a href="">glow app</a> is telling me that I’m supposed to ovulate in 3 days and I have a 15% chance of pregnancy. He did not cum because we were just getting started however I’m not too sure if pre cum was a factor. Is there a chance I could get pregnant. And should I take plan b ? I’ve take it before and I hated the way it made me feel so I don’t want to take it but if you guys think there’s a chance I could get pregnant I definitely will take it. Thanks!