Did I do the right thing here?

So I’ve been recently separated from my husband for about 6-7 months now. I left him back in January Bc of cheating an his incapability to be honest and just do his job of loving me a protecting as my husband. So of course it was very hard to make the decision to leave my husband. The man I spent the last 10 years with. The man I thought I was going to grow old with. It took me sometime to finally be okay and accept things for what it was. I used work and going to the gym to keep me distracted from being upset and texting him and begging him. It also helped me not wonder what he was out doing. I was healing at my own pace and doing what I needed to do. As the days and weeks went on. I actually met someone. I met a guy and we have been dating for roughly a month. But I’m that month we got to know each other. Things have been going so great. He was amazing to me. He was everything I wanted my husband to be. I just felt like we were moving to fast. We did go out on plenty of dates. And I did enjoy the time we were spending together. But any ways he did have a few flaws. (Who doesn’t right) He was a very big man. He’s a body builder. So he’s very masculine. The sex was amazing. But sometimes I just didn’t feel like having sex so when I would Say NO I meant NO. But I think he would take it as I was playing around. Even though I would say it seriously. I never said anything or tried to get upset or upset him Bc we were just barely dating and I wasn’t sure how He would react. So I would just always go along and just do it. To avoid any kind of miscommunication. So that was the first straw. The second one was, This past Sunday (yesterday) he wanted me to meet his son. And that’s where I backed off and got scared. It has nothing to do with him having kids. I never minded that. He is an amazing father to his children. I just wasn’t ready to meet his son. But the way he came about it to me. Was kind of last minute and I panicked and freaked out. I sent him a text saying I feel like we are moving to fast and I just needed to focus on myself. After I sent it I’m not going to lie I was freaked out and I blocked his number and him on social media. I was just afraid of what he would say. So I did a cowardly move. I just don’t know if I did the right thing. Any advice?

And if you read this far thank you. I know my story is all over the place.