No Normal Embryos after PGS - Hopeless?


I found out this morning that after my first

<a href="">IVF</a> cycle, my four embryos we had PGS tested are all abnormal. We are devastated and did not expect this outcome...we felt certain we’d have at least one or two to transfer.

I’m 30, my husband is 33, TTC for four years. Unexplained infertility, with two early miscarriages and one ectopic caught very early. RPL labs and genetic screening following miscarriages all came back normal.

I’ve seen many posts from women regarding PGS - it seems like all of the women my age have at least a few normals, and every single “complete fail” I’ve seen has been from women over 30. Does anyone have any experience with this? Please share your story! I feel like the lone ranger here - “young” (so my RE says) but with no normal embryos.

(We have not seen our formal result report yet, so I have no idea if we are looking at mosaic, trisomy, etc.)