Need answers

So i had sex for the first time like 3 weeks ago, since then I’ve had a doctors appointment to check for a yeast infection and any std’s because after that I’ve been having some smelly discharge and the color is white but the consistency is different than before it’s like more watery now. But i tested negative for everything, but I’ve been highly stressing out on if I’m pregnant because i just missed my period on august 3rd so its been 5 days and my ovulation starts in a few days. We did use a condom but also didn’t use one for a few seconds after i gave him head. But he said he finished in the bathroom. So is it possible i could be pregnant and when should i take a pregnancy test? Stress has been on 10000% so maybe thats the reason and i haven’t had any symptoms of pregnancy, just have been having gas and constipation but that could be normal from stress i think. I have an irregular period tho🤷🏾‍♀️. I want to just calm down and wait but I’m only 16 and don’t plan on having this baby.