How do you cope??


We’ve been TTC for years, we finally started

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this year and I was so excited when my beta came back positive.

3 July, I had my 6 week

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scan and we found out we’re having twins 🎉 we we’re so excited, listened to their heart beats, absolutely amazing finally it was our turn.

2 August I had my last check up with the Fertility Clinic, hubby is a pilot & couldn’t be there so I videoed the ultrasound, 10w6d and baby was moving like a crazy little monkey so exciting

When I asked Dr about the twin he moved the “stick” around a bit and found my other baby, unfortunately it had stopped developed, there was no heartbeat.

I am devastated, I’m really struggling to cope with the loss, a lot of people don’t get it and keep telling me to be strong & just focus on the other baby...

News flash; it’s not like it’s an egg that broke but not to worry just grab the other one from the fridge!!! This was part of me, I heard the heartbeat, I had twins!!

Now I’m trying my utmost to keep going and be positive because I don’t want the other baby to suffer any health issues because I’m sad, but I’m really struggling to not just stay in bed and cry until there are no more tears left.

Has anyone gone through this that has some magic trick up their sleeve that will help?