HELP! ☹️


So I’ve asked my mom before about things like this clearly she would know because she had me lol ANYWAYS , I have this like bump on the left side of my v-jay & it hurts sooooo bad - I asked my mom & she said she gets them too due to being hot so I’m thinking ok it might have something to do with me working out lately & im getting really hot , then I’m thinking because I’ve been on my period for a week it’s because of that too, but like I can’t sleep on fold my legs of wear anything as of right now because it hurts sooo bad on that side I feel like it’s a cyst it never goes away it’ll just get smaller or bigger & when it gets bigger it hurts SO FUCKING MUCH. Any suggestions as to what to do ? Or like what I can put on it to make it go away? Iam gunna ask my Dr. about it but I want someone else’s views as well. Ok thanks (: