When should I start

Jenny • JJ 💙 👼👼👼👼

Hi ladies sorry but I just don’t know I guess I didn’t think well I had my ectopic pregnancy in May I had the methotrexate on May 24 2018 I was 8 weeks along i only had one shot and it took for ever my levels to go down on July 5 it went down to zero. My question is my doctor told me that I could still be sexually active but I guess I zoomed out I was still disappointed on myself cause I already had 2 miscarriage and now a ectopic she said ttc in 2-3 months. Those that mean I have to count when they gave me the shot or when my levels go to zero ? Or when my first af starts? ( af July 19-21) Any help and advice could help (taking my prenatal pills ). Reading online tells me different things I just want my rainbow baby to come already!

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