Something finally happened w this guy


the guy who I know rly well and rly like was next to me and he put his arms around me. We were watching a movie. Then he like had his hand on my side and he started to put it on my ass. He took his other and started sliding it down to my bikini bottoms like I think was was going to finger me. I grabbed that hand and put it back on my stomach bc I wasn’t going that far. the he like moved my leg onto him so we were laying cuddled up. After a rly long time he moved his hands up to my boobs and started like massaging and it was amazing. Then he like tried to get under my top and I asked him not to. Later he lifted my chin with his hand and I was looking at him. He had a hand in my hair and he moved it to my back. Our lips touched and then I lowered my head to his chest bc a few weeks ago he made out with this other girl and like only did it bc she was pretty and available. So I j squeezed his hand like I was saying sorry. The whole time I was warm and pulsing. I rly like him. I have a question tho what kind of guy does he sound like to y’all knowing j this.