❤️ what we’re all your labors like?? 💗

Chontey • Mom to Juellz, Micah, Marvin Jr. & Ta’mar 💗🙏🏽😘

If you have 1 or more. What were each delivery like for you? I know they say each one is different I’m just curious.

I have 4 kids

With my first labor was about 3 hours. It came very fast and strong. I had contractions in my inner thighs and stomach, i had to get stitches because my son came out with his arm by his face. That’s how he laid in me the whole pregnancy too. He was born 41 weeks

My second son I was in labor for 2 hours. I was nauseous and I only had stomach contractions they were a lot it happen very fast, by times I got to hospital I had to push. I really wanted to rest because the contractions were back to back. But no he wanted out. He came out at 40 weeks and 6 days

My third boy I was in labor for 3-4 hours. I was sleeping when it started and it wasn’t bad pain at first so I stayed in bed slept. after a hour it got closer and a bit more painful so I got in the tub. I thought it was the runs (tmi I’m sorry) I was going #2 a lot. Called the midwife line and they said to my husband once there really close tell us but stay on phone just Incase. They were 10 minutes apart then in 5 minutes they were5 minutes apart coming on so strong I was crying I wanted to go to hospital I didn’t care. So the ambulance was on it’s way. My husband helped me get dressed,I believed I had to go #2. We were still on phone. And my husband looks as I’m pushing n my husband says that’s not a poop it’s our baby so he catches him. The ambulance was late. That delivery was so fast for me and unbelievable i had him at 40 weeks and 4 days

I’m curious on what my daughters birth will be like but I’m so nervous. I’m 39 weeks and 5 days. 40 weeks Tuesday and I have a dr appointment.