Rediscovering my passion..


It has been 7 long years since I have written anything. When I was young, I could not sleep at night unless I wrote a poem before bed. It was my way of venting anger, sadness, happiness... Just really every emotion. I even wrote a book when I was 15.

When I wasn't writing, I was reading. Honing my skills and taking direction from my many idols. Soaking up their different styles and ways of explaining things.

V.C. Andrews, Sarah Dessen, Ellen Hopkins, Erin Hunter, Nicholas Sparks... These are only a few of the many authors who take over my bookshelves and my heart.

The passion used to burn within me, a magnificent blazing in my body that enveloped me and made me the woman I am today.

But when I moved out, got married, and started living life I grew too busy to write, or read. When I was at work I longed for my pen and paper; but once I got home, cooked dinner for my husband, and finally sat down to rest, I was much too tired to think about anything other than what I needed to do the next day.

Now I am home, while my husband works, and the desire to write has been flickering in my heart once again. For months I have been too scared, afraid that I will be disappointed in what I write because I am completely out of practice. But thanks to my husband, my parents, and an old friend, I finally picked up my pen again and just let the words flow onto my notebook.

You have already read this far (and I thank you so much for that) so now I ask that you read my poem. The very first poem I have written in my adult life, and my first poem after a 7 year break. I will not be stopping again, and I hope that continuing to practice will make me better ☺. So here it is, and thank you for reading.

"Life is what you make it,

It's full of ups and downs,

It can lift you to the sky,

Or throw you to the ground.

The choice is ours to be happy,

Will you make the right choice, or not?

All of us have been there once,

But most of us forgot.

As a child you were giddy,

Almost anything could make you smile,

As an adult it is much harder,

Your face hasn't cracked in a while.

When depression sets in, you cant take it,

It's time to sit down and think,

'What are the things that I love?

What makes it worth it to me?'

Having a happy life is a mindset,

You think it's hard but it's not,

It's there just around the corner,

Now go take back what you forgot."

Sorcia L. Campbell ❤

Thank you for taking the time to read this really long post. It's something I haven't shared anywhere else, mainly because I feel I could have done it better. But hey, I can't be disappointed in myself as this is the first time I have written in years as I have said. I'm just very glad that I can share it with someone, and I appreciate you all caring enough to look. ☺