Should I Give My Ex His Way?

My ex spent years emotional, verbally and sexually abusing me. I left him but we still have a child together. His mother cane to visit from Poland but she also heard that I punched my ex ( I did when I caught him cheating on me with a hooker.) but she doesn’t really know why I did it. I wan to talk to her now that she is visiting in the United States. I want her to know what her son was doing to me all the 4 years we were together and how he treated me when I was pregnant with her grandson. I want her to know why I punched him and at least introduce myself as the real woman I am. Not the one he made me up to be.

My ex had been texting me horrible things calling bitches. Stupid mom. Worst mom. Evil. Stupid fuck. Tell me Tj go to hell. Go fuck my self all because he wanted to take our son to see his mother at his place and I been stubborn and adamant about what I wanted. No more what he wanted.

I didn’t mind that our son meet her but I really wanted to meet her and defend my self from the crazy things she assume from what my ex told her. It may not mater now but it hurts me deeply and I am in therapy from the abuse he did to me.

I also felt it important for her to at least know who birthed her grandchild and to finally meet me too. My ex wants her to stay away from me though because he doesn’t want her to know his history.

He says he won’t bring his mom down to my house so I said ok then I guess she won’t see our son. But he got mad. He wants to take hour to his town. A part of me wouldn’t care if he would let me talk with his mother. But another part if me feels like shit and I don’t wan to do anything to make him happy or let him have his way ever again. I feel bad because it’s not my heart but another part of me feels like he did this to himself. He walked all over my heart.

Do you think I am wrong? Or should I let him have his way after again verbally abusing me to give in and to make him happy.