Should I have said no?

Sarah • 🤷🏼‍♀️💭

I just moved across the country with my boyfriend (he just got out of the military and moved back home,) and away from all of my family and friends. Just to be with him. I feel a little like I played myself because we’re only boyfriend and girlfriend and nothing more. We’ve been dating over a year though to have an idea. No kids. Just him and I. Should I have told him that I wouldn’t move this far for just a boyfriend and stayed? Idk I just feel so conflicted. Only because I have no backup right now. I live somewhere I’ve literally never been. I sold my car to move here. Quit my job (obviously). I don’t know a soul.

I just don’t feel like he’s going to be taking a step to be more serious any time soon. I hope my feelings are being conveyed correctly. To be fair, I’m not really sure how to write them down.

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