I don’t want anyone to know about our relationship... Is it polite to ask? 😬

I am about to get into a relationship (my first relationship ever), and I don’t feel like informing my friends and family. It is ok if he wants to say it to his friends and family but at the moment I can’t and this is why.

Lets start with my friends. So my friends are often very jealous of me and that gives me negative energy. Also the fact that some of them like the boy that I will be with will make it even more awkward. For them, I will leave it to be realized naturally, possibly until the prom which will be in less than 2 years.

About my family now, I grew up in a family very religious and with a strong belief in education before anything else. I have talked with my father many times about relationships and he always says this: “I don’t care If you want a boyfriend, but what will you even do together? You don’t need boys in your way now that you are studying”. And I totally agree. But this feels like a relationship with much support and understanding especially during these last two stressful years that remain at school before going to University. I feel like I’ll have that positive energy to continue and not give up. He anyway is trying for the same uni so its bomb.

I am sure you will tell me that it can’t be kept a secret for long (especially to my friends who will be everyday to school with me). I don’t care when my friends will find out, I’ll let them find out by their own. And I don’t care what they will think. (I don’t even care losing them from friends, I’ve had enough with them). About my parents though, they can find out after me turning 18 (in 10 months). I don’t believe they will be against it, especially because I will be an adult at that age, but I believe that they will be in shock. They won’t believe that I have a relationship. This is because I always agree with them and also I am too shy for a relationship.

Anyway tell me what do you think. What do you think are the pros and cons of what I am about to do? I just want privacy at its maximum at the moment. Do you think I can do it?