Does he realise what he's done?!


So...according to glow yesterday today and tomorrow are good days to TTC. My DP is working nights this week and so we don't see one another all that much. The best time to conceive, is bound to be this week...just typical! We have been TTC since January for baby no2 it's difficult as I have PCOS and so cycle can be all over the place. I thought he was on this as much as me. I thought he wanted a 2nd baby. Apparently not...when checking out the app last night and seeing we need to be on this bad boy for the next few days, I txted him. Yes, I know, a txt! But he was at work and would just come home and sit downstairs with his coffee until me and LO is up. So I txted him...telling him today tomorrow and Friday are our best chances so to wake me. He didn't reply...he didn't wake me...he came in, kettle on and still sat downstairs knowing I'm awake. How can he do this to Me?! He knows how much I want another one! He knows how hard it is for us...3.5 years it took first time round. I'm telling him there's a window of opportunity here and what's he done...nothing...disappeared...nowhere near me. But was happy to have his end away the other night (Sorry!) I feel now as though he doesn't want another one. I feel deflated now. Sorry for the rant but I didn't want to scream at him so thought I get my frustrations out with people who may be experiencing similar with their DP's. He really is unbelievable!