What is the normal HCG levels for someone to b consider pregnant? Also if someone was 6 or 8 weeks what should the range be?

8 weeks since last period

6 weeks past Ovulation

2 + and a negative

NOT experiencing any pain or blood. Periods are normally 29-42 days apart. NOT EVEN EXPERIENCING ANY SIGNS LIKE PERIOD COMING.

I am suppose to be doing labs. Last Friday I was to get them done. Well I ended up falling ill with the start of pneumonia. It went from bronchitis and started turning to pneumonia in 3 days. I went to urgent care and they said they don't draw blood for pregnancy cause there's no lab to check it on site. I was unable to pee cause I was moderately dehydrated also. I have been taking amoxicillin but refuse to take my steroids and have only did 1 breathing treatment instead of every 4 hrs like instructed.