Tell me I’m crazy.


Ok. So the gist of this is so that someone will either talk me down and tell me I’m nuts. Or vice versa tell me I’m not crazy and to just test already.

A year ago in August I stopped taking my birth control, and my husband and I had the mindset of, if it’s meant to happen it’s going to happen. Well being that it’s been a year we’ve kinda just stopped thinking so much about it and have gone on with our lives.

I will admit that I’m not the best at keeping track of my cycles and activity on this app but will refer to it every now and again for the community and support. That being said, I have not acurately logged in months. So I have no real way to map it out. AF is due any day now if not already. But the past week I just havnt been feeling myself. Here’s the details:

- my chest has been feeling extra sensitive, and heavy for the past week.

- headaches have been frequent and awful

- when I reach to Far to the side, or even bend over it’s almost like my stomach feels “full” for lack of better words and it is difficult

- the past 2 days I’ve been triggered by certain foods/textures and feel nauseous, but havnt gotten sick yet.

My original plan was to wait it out another week and see if AF makes her appearance. But after my ride to work this morning and eating my breakfast on the go, I couldn’t finish because I felt so sick makes me wonder if I should test tomorrow morning. 😬