Which one looks better?


So I’ve always been insecure about my face, sometimes I feel cute and pretty and others I’m ashamed of going out and people looking at how bad/unpretty I look. I know it may sound stupid but believe me this is something I’ve been struggling with my whole life, specially with my nose bc when I was little, girls at my school would say horrible things and bully me due to my nose (which I HATE EVER SINCE) it doesn’t look bad on pics bc it’s only bad when you see it from the sides, I honestly have been saving money so I can get a filling or something because I’m always so insecure it’s gotten to the point I cry in the mirror by looking at me, so eventually I’m also super self conscious about makeup and how it looks on me, in this case lipstick. I like both but maybe I think they look good and they don’t so I really would like your opinion:( I don’t have girlfriends to talk about this:(