A couple of days ago I got a vfl, well yesterday I went to the doctor because I was for sure I either had really bad allergies or it was the makings of a sinus infection, well the nurse had me to do a strep test and urine test because I told her I was also experiencing slight burning when I pee. So she came back and said do you want the good news or the bad news first. I was like uhh good I suppose and she said well your strep test came back negative and the bad news is I can’t treat you because you got a positive on your pregnancy test! I literally almost bawled because I have been hoping and praying every day that I would soon get my bfp, and sure enough I did! And then today I took this just to make sure because the reality hasn’t sank in yet and I got this baby! I am over the moon! ❤️ Baby K coming May 2019! ❤️