Two day period?


I need advice!!!! I have been on birth control for 5 months and let my boyfriend finish in me for the first time about 2 weekends ago. I started pmsing last week and got my period late. It was supposed to come on the 25th so me being worried, I took a pregnancy test on the 27th. It came back negative and I got my period the next day on the 28th which started off brown with lotssss of blood clots, but not a consistent flow. I took a second test on Wednesday and it also came back negative but my period seems to have stopped except for when I wipe it’s still brown. Did I wait long enough to test? My stomach is still cramping and feels like burning in my lower abdomen almost. I’ve been so stressed about this and my boyfriend hasn’t been comforting. He’s just irritated with my unsureness and it’s making me feel even worse about the situation. It’s not like he’ll have to live with the decision and guilt of an abortion. I’m on the combination pill microgestin if that helps. I just need some advice rn. I don’t really have anyone.