Haymaker to the babymaker


Can I just be a biznatch for a second

I am so sick of unsolicited advice from family members and friends like I really don't want to talk about the fact that I can't get pregnant no matter what I do..

So we're just over our 3 year mark ttc

And I started cramping today and I just know I'm out...I'm due to start on Saturday so I'm pretty positive I'm out

and I'm trying to be a good person but the struggle is real...

I'm probably gonna cooter punch the next person who tells me to relax it will happen if I just relax or how they know how it is they tried 2 whole cycles so they understand that I basically feel like a lab rat at this point with no answers...or well you've had a miscarriage so your not totally broken you should be able to just get pregnant again, just stop thinking about it...

But my favorite is ohhh still not pregnant...here wanna hear my word from being pregnant/ how much harder it is to actually have kids...........

Also if I get one more joke at the gyno office of wow everything looks perfect would you just get pregnant already (fyi yep looking for a new gyn asap after that)

Anyone else feeling me on this today