Terrifying night sat the ER


I started bleeding last night after a great ultrasound earlier in the day (genetic testing).

I won’t get into all the details. I thought I was losing my baby. It was horrific. It felt like a real “alternate reality”.

We were in the ER for 8 hours. The docs couldn’t find the heartbeat with a Doppler which was frustrating because I have an anterior placenta and she should have tried harder. They did a pelvic and the doc said she saw tissue. That’s when we thought the worst. We began talking about everything, how we were going to help our daughter who is 11 and wants a sibling more than anything in the world.

Finally we were taken back to ultrasound. I did didn’t want to see the screen in case it was something I could not unsee. The tech told me to look, I was confused.... you guys, my baby was there, heart beating strong and going through a bout of hiccups (super cute). The tech showed us where the blood is coming from, yep, it’s a subchorionic hematoma. There is not much blood left. Thank the universe. You guys, when I went to the bathroom at the Er, blood always falling out of me.

Good gosh, it was such a roller coaster. My cervix is closed tight. Things (🙏🤞) should be ok.

I hope this happens to none of you. But if it does, if you experience bleeding, it may not be the worst case scenario.

I could not be more grateful. I feel so blessed and humbled.