Really need some advice

Susi • Susi

Ok girls I need some serious advice right now. Went to doctors on Tuesday and she was really nice and helpful. Explained to her about the serve pain I'm having in my pelvis and how long its being going on for so she sent for some test yesterday which was a swab and meant to be a smeer but can't have that yet as I'm not due til next year. So this afternoon I have been in serve pain taken painkillers for it and its not helped at all. SO has been very worried about me and has even run me a nice hot bath plus made me a hot water bottle etc. I really don't know what to do as going back to the doctors again on Tuesday to have my implant removed but just feel like I want to curl up into a little ball atm. I'm very worried as I havent had this pain after my period before and don't know what to do. Anybody got an advice or suggestions. Thanks.