Is it best i leave him?

My husband told me that he wishes the kids and i would disappear someday, so that hed live in peace, and be so much less stressful. He is the sole provider, while im a sahm. I was driving wout a license, while he was buzzed. He says to me that he really cares about us thats why hes having me drive when hes under the influence. That one day, hes going to drive drunk so hed have to go to jail for the 3rd dwi, so the kids and i can suffer, and know the struggle. And when he gets out, hes going to start a new life, and we wont exist to him anymore. He says hes so tired of babysitting all of us, hes so tired of taking care of us, so tired of doing everything, so tired of working and being stress for us. We cause him so much stress. I was looking for jobs and he wouldnt let me cause he says he doesnt want to take me back and forth. Now he knows why i didnt want to marry him yet, until i become independent. Now he knows why i didnt want a 2nd kid yet, until i get my license and a job. But he insisted we married and have 2 under 2. Now look what happens. Idk what to do anymore. I think i should leave, do u think so? He doesnt want me to leave, but always complain that we make him stress and depress. He doesnt help me w the kids or around the house, so he really isnt the only one doing everything.