Preterm labor

Chanté • A boy!

I’m sitting in my hospital room terrified because I’m 25 weeks today and tomorrow I’ll be having a c section to deliver my son who isn’t due until December 13th. I’m a first time mom and I have no idea what to expect. My water broke and he’s only in 2 cm of fluid which was 1.5 yesterday which is an improvement. But he’s also had his first bowel movement at 3 am this morning. I would really appreciate support and prayers for my son and myself. Thank you all so much

8/31/2018 6:40am UPDATE:

The c section is still a go for today because he is footling breech. I’m nervous and scared and I have no desire to sleep anymore today. His official name is going to be Tristan Orion! I’m excited he finally has a name. Yesterday I have two Sonos and he scored a 6/8 both times in the tests when previously he only scored 2/8 which was really bad but things are looking brighter today. The only concern is there’s no fluid left around him. His heartbeat is so strong although it’s takes a sip when I have a contraction which I haven’t had since 2 pm yesterday afternoon. The nurse told me that Benadryl is a smooth muscle relaxer and combined with Tylenol is a pain relief and they work!! I’m still hoping for good news. Maybe a delay in having a c section and opting for him to stay in for another week or 10 when he’s really going to be healthy enough to survive in the world without all of the bells and whistles of the NICU. But they are doing what’s best for baby. I will update again post partum!

9/13/18 update:

My son is here! He was 1 pound 7 ounces and 12 inches long. He’s got an extended stay in the NICU with nurses and doctors that are making sure he’s going to be healthy and strong when he leaves. I held him for the first time two days ago and it was one of the most scariest and rewarding moments in my life. He’s so small and fragile but I didn’t want to let go. He’s had great days and he’s had days where I have been truly terrified. As his mother I will advocate for him and so will his father. Hopefully we will have him home by Christmas time since my due date was December 13th. I pray he doesn’t have lasting effects of being born so early. I pray for the day he comes home. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers they mean the world to me!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone. I’m proud to say that after 4 months in the NICU my son came home on 12/27/2018!

He still has a long road of development ahead but so far he’s exceeded expectations! He came home on oxygen because he failed his car seat test, twice. He now only uses oxygen at night by recommendations of this primary care. The only big issue that we’re facing is that he has permanent damage to his brain from the forced oxygen that was given to him at birth to save his life. He could end up with minor learning disabilities or he could be left with major delays. Either way I’m thankful to God in heaven that he’s made it this far. He has weekly doctors appointments and he also has occupational therapy as well as an eye specialist, neurologist, dietitian, development specialist, and a couple of other doctors of which I can’t remember their title. He’s the strongest person I know and I’m so proud to call him my son! If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability!

Also pardon the grammar and spelling errors. When I initially posted this and even now, life was coming at me and not letting up at all.