Depressed, Lazy, or Just Pregnant?


Idk what's up. I've been in a funk. I don't want to do anything go anywhere. I feel sludgy. I just want to lay in my bed or sit & eat/ snack. I have little motivation to get through the day. The days feel soooo long I look forward to night but then when that comes I can't sleep I take forever to fall asleep then I wake up to pee. I detest the state of my house. Today I'm lying here in bed letting my 3 year old play a little longer in his bed after his nap. Knowing I have a ton to do & I need to get moving but I just want take out, a massage, endless fresh fruits & veggies. I want a challenge free toddler day. I feel restless & tired. Cranky. I do though push through the day at bare minimum. I manage to sweep, laundry, dishes, dinner, potty train, an extra chore maybe, a playdate....a pre- school errand. Not all those outings in one day mind you. I lay in bed during lo nap & I feel like crud the rest of the day. HELP! I can't shake this funk. I do bare minimum & do it because I have to but it's drudgery.