Need good advice!!! Please help I’m confused!

Ok so long story shortened, I had a best friend. We had been friends for years. The last few years I was getting annoyed with her a lot cuz she never did anything and I always pulled more weight in the relationship. Well 3 months ago I said something about how I was feeling (I only had told her the smallest thing that was bothering my out of all the everything that bothered me) After I told her over text she seemed chill but she then stopped talking to me for the most part. Well I got fed up and called her out. She freaked and said she didn’t care if she lost me (Ik that was probs a lie).

It’s a huge adjustment tho cuz this is the longest I’ve gone without talking since I was like 4. I’m starting to miss her and I almost regret saying anything? Ik this post makes it seem like it was a shit friendship But honestly overall it was pretty great. We grew up together so we were practically connected with every thought and action. When I hang w my current friends it’s never close to how it was when we had hung out.

Basically, I’m wondering if I should say something to her? Or should I wait for her to say something to me (tho I doubt she will?), or maybe this was all for the best?? She has a new group of friends so Idk.

(Temporarily posting in multiple groups to see which gets more attention the quickest)