Feeling down :(

I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I’m so excited but feeling really very low right now. We had to put our 13 year old dog to sleep a few days ago, our first baby. She became sick about two months ago. The entire experience, from having to care for her while she was sick and seeing her decline so quickly and be in pain, to taking her to be put down with my husband, to seeing her go, and worst of all coming home without her has been really traumatic for me. I thought I would be relieved to put her down and let her go but I am honestly very devastated and depressed over it. The house feels so empty without her and I know that we have a baby coming soon and new memories and chapters to come but I can’t see that right now. I have never felt this way about losing a pet. I have been crying a lot and just have an overall feeling of anxiety / guilt/depression and broken hearted ness. I am having a hard time sleeping, and stay up thinking about it. I’m sorry for the heaviness and I realize how silly this may sound for some people who don’t have pets or have a strong connection with their animals, but I am truly grieving. It makes it hard to be excited for the future even though i know I have so much to look forward to. Just looking for some comfort I hope this isn’t the wrong place for it