3 days late

I’m 3 days late. And I’m NEVER late. My cycles are usually 24 days long. And last 7 days. I’ve taken so many tests and all came up negative but only one faint line. I started testing last week. I went to the doctors yesterday to see if maybe my tests wasn’t picking up anything and she told me it was negative. I just want to get this over with. Trying for baby #1 with the hubs. We’ve been baby dancing all month, twice every week (including ovulation day) and I feel like it isn’t working. I’m putting so much doubt in myself because I feel like it’s me because I was my husbands first. I haven’t had any bleeding or anything just cramps and bloating, sore breasts and fatigue all day and nausea all day. I just don’t know if maybe I’m just really early or if maybe implantation didn’t happen. I just need some encouragement. My hubs isn’t giving me any but you ladies have to others. Am I doing something wrong ? Did I miss my chance ? I need answers so I don’t stress anymore.