Please help !!


13 weeks pregnant) Wednesday around 1am I was laying on my couch watching a movie I felt dripping and went into the rest room where I had bleeding when I whipped I also had red bleeding . I rushed to the hospital and they did a hcg test and told me everything was great , they also did an ultrasound and said baby looked fine and that the heart beat was great as well . I got home around 6am and still had bleeding I used the restroom before I went to sleep and realized I had passed a blood clot not to big . When I woke up wens-day around 2pm everything was fine no bleeding and forget to mention thought this whole experience I had no pain what so ever . The red blood has turned into brown tint discharge . Today is Thursday and still no bleeding just brown discharge , but I was taking a warm bath to relax and as I was washing my private area with and wash cloth I noticed a quarter size blood clot come out again again no bleeding or pain , have anyone experienced this ? Please help me ease this stress I hope everything is well I’ve been on bed rest for 2 days and I’m waiting for 2m for my checkup ?