Someone just please take a minute and just hear me out


some people are different I don’t wanna wait out stuff because i don’t wanna be pregnant and not do anything about it but basically I missed my period this month though I would been gotten my period if it was at the end of this month and I feel way different then I usually do too I’m feeling very sleeepy like exhausted And I usual don’t feel like that and my nipples are sensitive this time , I’m 5 days late for my period and never have been 5 days late ever and yess I took many pregnancy test they were blue dye test They all came back BFN soo im just considering getting blood test now I basically missed the mouth of August period just to give y’all a run down here are my periods since July and now btw I had my full blown period on the 1st of July and had bleeding again on the 28th of July which was little to none someone please help me ... should I just get blood test now ? Just hear me out like I said lol everybody is not going to get the same experience with things but my gut is just telling me to just get blood test 😩