Pregnancy announcement - is it too early ?

Tin (Scientist mama, first time mom)

Im 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant today😍

Im a phd student and i qork in the lab. I told my supervisor that im pregnant in a meeting yesterday. He is very supportive and he asked me not to any lab stuff ( my work involves stool). He said do not take a risk. One of my phd collegues who in early stage of her phd agrees to do the work for me. She is super nice too. I work in a team and many poeple know that im pregnant.

Im feeling a bit worried that they know it very early but i had to tell them. What do you all think? I know poeple wait until 12th week to announce.

Healrhy n happy pregnancy to you all💐💐💐

My edd: 3rd May 2019 n this is my first pregnancy 😍😍😍