Co worker told me I was fat today


I need to just vent about this !

So get this! My job doesn't know that I'm pregnant yet. I'm not a tiny person, but also not huge. I'm a dental assistant so we have to wear scrubs.

Today I went into work , after not seeing this co worker for about 2 weeks and she says to me " are you gaining weight?, it looks like you have since I've seen you in the last 2 weeks" like OMG! I was so in shock from her saying that and thinking shit am I'm showing. Keep in mind I've just hit the 8week mark.

So now I said to her not wanting to be obv and was like um no I'm trying not to.... like wtf . First off pregnant or not who says this to someone ??? Like totally rude.

So another co- worker heard her say it and was ready to throat punch this lady.

This co worker who also made this rude remark is very rude herself and a total bitch to our patients.

It blew me away. So tomorrow I think I'm going to mention it to HR. It was just completely out of line comment that she made.