Help please!?!?


Hi guys! So, my husband and I were just married on June 2. We both have boys (5 and 6) from previous marriages. He is the best person I’ve ever known and I would be honored to be able to give him another child. I am about to turn 36 and am concerned about my ability to get pregnant again. With my son, I was 29 when he was conceived and 30 when he was born. I got pregnant very easily with him. I have a history of multiple miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy (right before my successful pregnancy with my son). I’ve never had a problem with getting pregnant, it was just staying pregnant. That being said, I’ve now been off my birth control for 6 months and nothing yet! I have to say, my periods became very irregular after I had my son so am finding it hard to track and know for sure when I am ovulating. Any suggestions about the best/easiest ovulation testing kits used to help or just suggestions in general, I’d REALLY appreciate! Thanks gals!