I know im irresponsible but I still need advice...

Heres the situation but before I even start, I am young and most probably to a more mature personal judgement also very dumb.

I had sex with a condom, and since there was some leakage and possibly a tare, I decided to take plan B on the 10th of august

I have gone to the gyno after and got an appointment for and IUD

On the 29th i had sex again, howveer this time with the pull out method w/o condoms. I am aware of the precum possibility now.. after it. Therefore I got worried and still am very much so.

My main worry is that altough he pulled out, I was ovulating according to my app predictions.

I know the POM is not the best, and I know I should have learnt from my shitty ass mistake the first time... but I did not obviously think of things in the heat of the moment.

Question is should I take another plan B as I am still in time to do so... But taking two in less than a 20 day time period can really mess you up from what ive head.

I dont want to get pregnant, little do I know mabye I already am... But I dont know if I should wait for my period to come in september and pray daily or take another plan B and okay not die, but have the consequences of the hormont dosage.