35+2 measuring small- possible induction


Hi ladies,

So today at my 36 week appointment they did an ultrasound and my little girl is measuring a little bit small - she is 5lbs 3oz. She has been measuring small the entire pregnancy so I was not totally surprised but the doctor said she is in the 8th percentile. They did a non stress test and I’m having contractions and she is handling them very well- good heartbeat and rate. Everything else is fine- just on the small side. My concern was that my doctor said if she continues to measure behind, they might induce me at 38 weeks. Does anyone else have experience with this? It sounded a little aggressive to me but I’m not a doctor and this is my first so 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, I haven’t started dilating yet - but my cervix is beginning to soften. Any advice or comments would be welcome! 😊