Pregnancy Bells Palsy


Anyone else spontaneously get diagnosed with Bells Palsy during pregnancy? I'm 28 weeks with twins, first time mom. I woke up with half my face paralyzed the other day. I thought I was having a stroke, no one warned me this could happen. Fast forward to today, we are about a week in.. I have absolutely NO taste in my mouth, I have to sleep with my eye taped shut because it won't close all the way itself , my ear has a ringing in it, my speech is horrible and my smile looks like a snarl. The doctors can't tell me exactly why it happened. They say possible causes are physical stress in your nerves from pregnancy or viruses ( I've since been checked and I'm virus free). I'm taking medication for it but there is no specific time length on how long it could last. They said anywhere from a week to 6 months!! I can't stop crying ladies, I'm not very vain but the thought of not even being able to smile at my babies when they are born tears me up. The thought of going into labor in pain only able to use half my face scares the S*** out of me and knowing the first pictures I get with my girls I'll look like this is just too much. I went into work and got sent home, all my coworkers instantly bombarded me asking what was wrong with my face it was so embarrassing. I had a couple more weeks before maternity leave but now I have to start early and that puts me back financially. I went to the grocery store and so many people stared because my left eye isn't blinking with my right. It's just been the worst experience of my life. I'm trying not to stress more but this is devastating. Someone please tell me some good positive Bells Palsy stories or any experiences at all to help shed some light on this crazy situation.

*here is my best attempt at a smile selfie just to give you some idea of what this looks like