Hypocrisy is thy name! (Read decription)

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So as you all may already know Asian Argento has recently been accused in the statutory rape of Jimmy Bennet. I belive i had made a poll questioning if you all felt that this might shed a negative light on the #meToo movement. I have been keeping up with the ordeal and i thought id make a topic/ongoing discussion out of it.

Rose mcgowan recently came out with this statement

Some people felt this was very hypocritical on her behalf since she was at the forefront of many people being in a negatice spotlight after being falsely accused. She had pushed for the distruction of the persons livelihood, but now that a friend of hers in the negative light shes calling for a more "organized" and "empathetic" form of support. And to let "justice" take its course.

I found another (more recent)article with a friend of rose and asia by the name of Rain Dove. Dove is said to have gone to police with evidenve of the sexual misconduct between argento and Bennet. In the article dove mentions feeling as though "the truth" will not be revealed by either party involved and decided to delover the evidence themself. (Dove is non binary not sure of their pronouns) anyway, i attached bits of the article mainly the parts higlighting Rain Doves feelings.

This article then goes on to quote what anthony and bennet came to the decision of and that was a 380k settlement (NDA)

Bennet has recieved increasinly violent backlash since coming out. He has been accused of trying to dismantle the MeToo movement and has since removed himself from social media.

Whats everyones thoughts? Do you feel it was right for him to come forward? Do you feel its hypocritical of Rose to suddenly call for a more empatheric approach for The Accused?

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