I need advice !! I’m so annoyed by this shit

Ok so today was my only day off this week , I’m a bartender at a sports bar & if you guys follow sports football season starts Saturday. So I spent today getting my hair and nails done & getting cute facials and all that . It’s like my version of the first day of school . But I digress . So I’m getting my nails done and relaxing with a glass of wine I get a phone call from my little brother who just left my moms house saying , “hey your pizza is here . I’m leaving it in the kitchen “ I’m like “ I didn’t order a pizza but I guess leave it there ”. We hung up because I was still getting my nails done & honestly I have guys send me flowers and gifts all the damn time . So I’m like not paying it much mind. I get this text from my cousin . “

Hey we sent a pizza to your house by mistake. Can you pay me $25 for the pizza. Mind you I’m not home I’m out and about . No one is home to even eat the pizza. No one wanted pizza. I didn’t have a chance to respond to the text because IM GETTING MY NAILS DONE , and she starts accusing me and my family of stealing food from her kids and all this ghetto stuff . I’ll post the texts. I called dominoes telling them what happen like ok we don’t want this pizza just please refund the person who ordered it. (Which she could of done) she then says ok well the refund Doesn’t come for another 3 days. I had no intentions of giving her $25 lol because one it’s only $25. Which I get is a lot to people . But secondly I had nothing to do with it. I was thinking of dropping it off at their house tomorrow . But they live 45 mins away . if she had said hey really hard up for the money can you loan it

To me . I would have but she came

At me

Crazy about a stupid pizza . What do I do ?