So husband and I are trying for baby #2. Have been for a year. Have reached out to an OBGYN. Still have to get his sperm checked.

In the mean time I decided to track my ovulation and continue trying.

I know for a fact that I ovulated 3 days after we had sex. Sperm is only food for 2 days.

I also know that every 4 months my cycle lasts 43 to 45 days.

According to Flo I am 11 days late and according to Glow I am 12 days late.

I am so frustrated! Cause I have a gut feeling that it's just another 45 day cycle. I want to test so bad but I just hate hate hate to get my Hope's up. Especially when I know that it's very unlikely that I am pregnant. Ugh!

I dont think the apps are adjusting like they are supposed to. I'm late every month. I never start when they say I'm supposed to.

Just had to vent somewhere.