Low HCG - Dr is concerned


I am only 4 weeks 1 day. My expected period would be 2 days from now according to my doctor when she called to give me my blood test results. She told me that my hcg level was 45 and “low” and my progesterone was high, but that I was still really early and she wants to test again tomorrow to see if that number has doubled in order to officially confirm that I’m pregnant. She told me I needed to be over levels of 25 to be considered pregnant. I said “well doesn’t this mean I’m technically pregnant right now then?” And she says “well...let’s test again just to confirm it” which has me worried. She wouldn’t say the words “you’re pregnant” and considering I’m early well duh my levels would be low, right? But she made it sound so worrying like there’s something I need to be concerned about. I’ve been fretting all day. Has anyone been through this?