I’m too spoiled😂


The other night I was relaxing with my bf on his bed. He went downstairs to get his phone charger and I got super tired so by the time he came back up I was almost asleep.

He gets on top of me (so like on my butt one leg on each side) and starts kissing my shoulders. Just full on really kissing me and grabbing my hair. It was such a turn on but it relaxed me at the same time?😩🙈

then he just started massaging my shoulders and arms and lower back (I work lifting things so I’m alwaysss sore). Then after about 10 minutes of that he pulls down my leggings roughly😳😉started massaging my booty🤤

Obviously by this time I was super wet so he slid my panties to the side and started fingering me UGH it was amazing.

After doing that for a while he kisses back up my body, and then goes back down and starts eating my ass🙈🍑

I knowww it’s not for everyone but fuckkk it was so amazing! I’ve never felt that before. It turned me on sooo much..