Ayla ā€¢ Sedona šŸ’•

My water broke 2 hours ago! heard it pop and then it was like a waterfall. contractions started pretty much right after. im in the hospital now at a 5 and I'm definitely getting an epidural! holy cow i cant believe its finally my turn


So I really wanted too go natural but I was progressing so fast I couldn't calm down or get my heart rate to go down so I went for the epidural and I have no regrets; whatever you mommas do your body does so much work and you should be proud! My water broke at 6pm and by 11 I was ready to push! The nurses couldn't believe how good I was doing as a ftm! Pushing took a while because she had a thick forebag and had a hard time getting past my pubic bone. Once she crowned I pushed twice and after she flew out without me doing anything...I got a 2nd degree tear but she's worth it!!!

Sedona Briar born 1:53am August 31st 6lbs2oz, my tiny angel!! We were shocked at how small she is because I have GD and was 39w3