I think I was drugged..?

So I know this is going to sound really dumb, but just get through the next sentence please. So my SIL and I were watching Magic Mike for the first time and it got to the scene where the younger guy and that girl take ecstasy and have sex and all of a sudden something clicked in my head; I think my ex drugged me to have sex with me. After that clicked in my head I watched a couple videos and read a few articles on how it feels to be on ecstasy and everything made sense all of a sudden. I remember smoking a bowl (marijuana) with my bf at the time and his friend/roommate, him and his friend packed it when I was in the bathroom and when I came back we smoked it, then the next thing I remember is suddenly having sex with him and feeling this weird out of worldly, not normal weed high, extra sensitive feeling like out of my body feeling; it’s really hard to explain. And he has black lights in his room and those trippy neon posters on the wall and it has the same affect as in the movie like almost like everything was in slow motion and everything was moving around me instead of my body moving in the room ( if you know what I mean) and I barely remember him being there, I just remember him on too of me “doing his thing” and kissing on my neck. I just feel so weird and uncomfortable about the memory and I just never remembered it or thought of it until I watched that scene of the movie and it almost hit me like a flash back.. and I know my ex was into doing those type of drugs at that time and I always told him that I didn’t want to, I am so confused...


Just because I would like to remain anonymous I’ll address the comments here, thanks. 😊 but my ex at the time basically has access to anything he wanted, like I said in my original post he did drugs like these on a weekly basis. Also I was a super stoner at the time and I had NEVER felt anything like this ever before and I could smoke a lot right to my face so this was for sure not just straight weed because of that simple fact, but it may not have been in the bowl like one person said because we were drinking also (not alcohol, just soda and stuff) so I guess that’s not out of the realm of possibility since I did leave my drink in the room while I left the room. Also I did say in my original post that I had done further research past what the movie shows so I’m not comparing just to the movie just to clear up that confusion. And to all the other for their comforting comments thank you so much!❤️❤️ This is a very confusing and hard situation to deal with for me since my brain must have blocked it out for obvious reasons so thank you for all being so understanding since I’m still trying to piece it all together myself.